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Injury News: USC Upstate's Ty Greene Out Indefinitely With Hand Injury

USC Upstate's second-leading scorer and one of their main distributors of the basketball is out indefinitely after breaking his hand during practice.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Tough news out of the USC Upstate camp on Friday as the Spartans announced that Ty Greene will be out indefinitely with a hand injury.

Officially this is a non-displaced fracture of the third metacarpal bone. We can let our resident Dr. Geeves explain what the heck that means.

What it means to the team is pretty devestating. USC Upstate has already struggled a little through the conference season with Greene, who is the team's second-leading scorer at  15.4 points per game. The Spartans are 4-4, three games back of Mercer.

Now things will be tougher especially since the Bears are on the schedule in the very near future. You lose the top rated offensive player according to KenPom. He is also assisting on 20.8 percent of the team's possessions while barely turning the ball over.

This is a guy you want on the floor. He makes Torrey Craig and Ricardo Glenn better. There isn't anyone like him on the bench, and he leaves a gaping hole since he participated in almost 90 percent of the available minutes for the Spartans.

USC Upstate is facing Kennesaw State on Friday night, and shouldn't have too much trouble, but those Bears of Mercer loom and it could get worse from there.