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Southern Illinois' Basketball Team Stuck on Side of Highway in Bus

This is why you don't try to drive in blinding snow and subzero wind chills

The man wants a pillow and a Klondike Bar. Can you blame him?
The man wants a pillow and a Klondike Bar. Can you blame him?
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Southern Illinois basketball team didn't have a great trip up to Illinois State, dropping a 66-48 game to the Redbirds to fall to 0-2 in the league.

The ride home might have just made it a little worse.

The Saluki basketball team is as of 11 p.m. Sunday, stranded on the side of I-57 because of dangerous blizzard conditions in Illinois. The team was on its way back to Carbondale when the bus driver pulled over because of poor visibility in the snow. When there was a clearing to move again, the bus had become stuck.

Parts of highways across Illinois are closed because of the poor weather and a tow truck is unable to reach the team. According to the athletic department, the players have plenty of food and there is gas enough to keep the bus running and the heat on.

Josh Swan may have had the best tweet of the night as he tries to keep a good attitude about the whole thing (and he was quite excited about being on ESPN again):

Update from AD Mario Moccia: