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Hartford Drops Season Opener for 11th Time

The Hartford Hawks fall short of breaking a 10 season streak of losing their opening game. With a 53-71 loss, they add another year to the books.

Hartford flew out of the gate to start the game, and I mean that almost literally. A long pass after winning the tip from Mark Nwakamma to Yolonzo Moore II down the court for a very quick two points.

While they started out hot, that didn't last very long. Seemingly still adjusting to being on the court with a full roster, a few mix ups lead to Sacred Heart slowly pulling away. De'von Barnett pulled in 10 points in the first half, while fellow teammate Tevin Falzon pulled in eight. What kept the Hawks alive was their ability to shoot from beyond the arc.

Unfortunately the second half didn't bring much luck to the Hawks either. It felt like Sacred Heart could shoot the ball blindfolded from half court and it would go in. They made basket after basket. There was no stopping them, especially when they got their own rebounds.

There was some good to come from this game, it showcased the diversity of Hartford. Five separate players hit threes throughout the game. While they have already made a reputation as a 3-point team, it reiterated that just about anyone can shoot from behind that arc and make it in.

Pulling in 3s himself, Yolonzo Moore II managed a team high 22 points, but it wasn't enough to keep them afloat. When Nwakamma fouled out, it seemed that Sacred Heart had this game won. Hartford's morale on and off the court showed that despite trying their best, they knew there was no way to win.

Even Sacred Heart's Head Coach, Anthony Latina, can see the promise in this Hartford squad, "That's a very good team. That team is gonna be right there at the end of the year."

The Hawks don't have much time until their next game, having Saturday to prepare for their home opener against Saint Peter's, while Sacred Heart has until next Thursday to prepare for UMass Lowell.