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Hartford Holds Out to Win Home Opener Against St Peter's

Hartford and St. Peter's battled it out until the last seconds of the game, but Hartford's stunning turn around from their previous loss kept them alive long enough to grab the 51-50 win.

After a shocking loss during their season opener, the Hartford Hawks needed to come out strong to claim a win on their home court. And they did. Sort of.

While the Hawks were able to add that win to their stats, it didn't go quite as well as many people hoped. With the Chase Arena packed with students, something every team desires, Hartford came out of the gate with a jumper and two treys to start the game, giving themselves an 8-1 lead against the St. Peter's Peacocks. This lead was short lived as the Peacocks came charging back to take the lead at 10-8.

The entire game became a battle back and forth, with multiple lead changes throughout. Marvin Dominique and Taylor Dyson kept their teams in the running. But while Dominique went 6 for 10 in the paint, Dyson went 5 for 5 beyond the arc. His phenomenal performance after only making 1 trey in their previous game, kept the Hawks alive and hungry to win.

"When I shoot 1 from 7 from three in a game, I feel like the universe isn't doing me justice because I work so much on my shooting, but to be able to respond and go 5 from 5 is really what I needed." Said Dyson

While Dyson was clearly the hot player of the game, some of the bench players stepped up as well. John Carroll, who had no points in the previous game came out with 9 points, most coming from free throws. Jamie Schneck, while he didn't wrack up points in the stats sheet, being 6-8 and 240, was a huge presence in the game. Head Coach John Gallagher was very impressed with his performance "I think Jamie Schneck for us, right now, he's our best defender. Period. He gives you 12 minutes but, my god, he gives you two blocks, he gives you a presence."

Though, I'm sure there will be some things to work on at practice tomorrow. With seconds left in the game, Hartford with possession under the Peacock's basket, the ball slipped out of their hand, leading to almost the worst thing that could have happened that game: a loss with 3 seconds left on the clock. Trevis Wyche had the chance to win the game, but his three was no good and the Hawks were still able to walk away victorious.