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Stony Brook Falls to Georgia in NIT Regional Round

Stony Brook proved to be a worthy opponent for Georgia, but they couldn't keep up and run with the big (bull) dogs in a 80-70 loss.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Regional Round of the NIT Tip-Off brought the Stony Brook Seawolves down the great state of Georgia for nothing other than an intense game of basketball.

Carson "Trey" Puriefoy was a huge asset to the Seawolves, grabbing 21 points in the first half alone. With Jameel Warney in foul trouble, picking up 2 in the first half, someone else needed to step up. Conveniently, Puriefoy is small, agile and incredibly fast.  But despite his explosion on the court, the Seawolves trailed Georgia for most of the first half. What kept the Bulldogs in the game was the 16 of 22 free throws they made. No matter how fast Puriefoy is, he can't stop free throws.

To combatant the Bulldog's height advantage, the Seawolves brought in 6-11 freshman, Jakub Petras. Unfortunately the big man was only able to get off two free throws before racking up three fouls and having to sit out.

Despite both teams' hot start, the second half started out pretty slow. Only a total of 13 points had been scored by the 12:48 mark, where in the first half it had been 43 points in a 21-22 Bulldogs lead.

Georgia figure out how to draw fouls and those free throws kept piling up. By the end of the game there were 5 Seawolves with 4 fouls or more and Georgia racked up 48 free thrown attempts compared to Stony Brook's 26.

They kept Puriefoy scoreless for most of the second half, which lead to some frustration and him picking up a foul, and eventually fouling out. His first point came at a free thrown with 6:42 left in the game. Other than Puriefoy, only two other Seawolves made it to double digits: Jameel Warney with 12 points, who also picked up 14 rebounds for a double-double and Scott King who also added 12 points.  Whereas 5 Bulldogs were in double digits and two others just under.

The Seawolves need to shake off this loss as they have until Friday to get ready for Hofstra at 7 PM.