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Mid-Major Madness Weekly Awards: Cochran's Wild Week for Wofford

Karl Cochran led Wofford to four straight wins to grab the inaugural player of the week award at Mid-Major Madness.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This has been a long time coming. Mid-Major Madness has needed some weekly awards that reach across the country. It has just taken until now for us to get our acts together.

So how do you choose a player for this? I mean, we could just put up Alan Williams every week and we couldn't go wrong. In fact, the UCSB star was in the running for the Player of the Week this week even though he played just a single D-1 game. But that game was so good, it was hard to ignore it.

But there was a player who performed over four games, and contributed in different ways in every game. Need scoring? Yup, you got it. Did the ball not go in? Well then a 6-1 player was going to rebound the hell out of the ball.

So the inaugural player of the week for Mid-Major Madness is: Karl Cochran at Wofford.

Cochran's team beat Iona, Fairfield, South Dakota and Sam Houston over the last week. He scored 31 points against South Dakota and 20 against Iona in probably one of the biggest mid-major games of the year. Against Fairfield, he logged a double-double. For his final trick he had 12 points and six rebounds against Sam Houston on Sunday.

That is one heck of a week.

And how about a freshman of the week?

For that, we combed the stats for a player who both played a great deal and contributed on a high level. That isn't easy to find among freshman.

We considered  Terry Larrier and his nice games for VCU. We looked at Willie Rodriguez at Binghamton, and Paris Bass at Detroit. Even Domantas Sabonis got a long look from Gonzaga.

But ultimately we decided on a player whose team didn't win a game this week, but his performance had nothing to do with that.

The Freshman of the Week: Wesley Person of Troy

Person scored 25 points against Mississippi and 20 against Georgia in two losses this week. He averaged a 121 ORating over at Ken Pom, and despite not doing much else, that is some impressive scoring for a freshman against two Power 5 opponents.

Congratulations to both Cochran and Person on this honors.