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Twitter Reacts To Upset Win by NJIT Over No. 17 Michigan

When the upset of the year occurs, of course the Twitterverse reacts. Here are some of the best.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

When a team that very few people outside of the mid-major college basketball media have heard of, goes and beats one of the all-time great basketball programs, there is going to be a major reaction in the Twitterverse.

The most obvious reaction is confusion, as in what is an NJIT?

Or pointing out how ridiculously lopsided this matchup is in the first place:

And then there is the Schadenfreude:

Michigan fans haven't had a good year, so of course, you knew this was coming:

And more pain:

Bravo for this one:

And the rationalization is of course there. Maybe this isn't so bad, because if I just change this one cherry picked stat, then maybe our team could be better than we think:

Or students look to take advantage of the situation as best they can. I mean, why not try to get finals canceled:

Hey, maybe my team isn't so bad after all:

The fans love it though. I hope this makes Sportscenter:

Seth Davis is getting ready for NCAA Tournament season:

And the obligatory Jon Rothstein:

And the burning question we all want to know: