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Double Bonus: Ugly Uniforms Strike Again!

A look at my thoughts on another week of college basketball but this week was without my dear, dear MacBook thanks to a Double Boch.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

I can't even describe the amount of messages from upset patrons I received last week with no Double Bonus in the works. As I said in my weekly look at the Big South, Star Hill Snow Blind and MacBooks do not mix. I will fully suggest the Snow Blind to anyone looking for a good micro brew. Come to think of it! There should be a micro brew of the week! This week's MMM Micro Brew of the week is Star Hill Snow Bling! Anyways on to the basketball...

- I went pretty hard at Under Armour and the Manhattan Jaspers for ruining their jerseys. Yes, they are still ugly but nowhere near the monstrosities that UA put together for UT Martin. Check out what I had to look at in person this weekend.

I mean what in the hell is going on! These look like cheap board shorts you pick up at a Wings in Myrtle Beach.

- Speaking of the UT-Martin Skyhawks, first year head coach Heath Schroyer may have the nation's most improved team on his hands. The squad is 5-2 so far this year after just averaging 7 wins over the past three seasons. Twymond Howard, a UTEP transfer, and Deville Smith, a UNLV transfer, are for real. This is going to be a team that causes some trouble in the OVC this year.

- It was a pretty fun Saturday with the NJIT/Green Bay/USC Upstate upsets. Ben Miraski had a great piece which combined The Wire and basketball. Definitely two my favorite TV shows.

- What is the deal with the NJIT Highlanders? Dear NEC or America East, please let these guys in. Jim Engles has always been great to us here at MMM and I couldn't be more happy for him. I'm not sure what the road blocks are, in terms of politics, to get the Highlanders a home but they deserve one. I keep hearing Vermont and SUNY schools are blocking the way in the America East, but what is the NEC's excuse?

- I think one team has kind of gone missing lately and it's a team we talked about a lot this preseason, the Georgia State Panthers. The Panthers rose to #9 in our MMM15 Rankings this week but they are still behind Green Bay, a team they totally dismantled this week. I guess they don't have any flashy upsets, but seriously who is going to sign up to play these guys? They have a fun match up with old CAA foe Old Dominion after 13 days off (yes you read that correctly).

- Thanks a lot exam week for 2 week layoffs!

- VCU pulled out a 66-62 win at Illinois State last week and I can tell you right now if they hadn't won that game then the sky would be falling hard in Richmond, VA! The Rams are 5-3 now after being dismantled by Virginia on their home floor. Now Shaka Smart will play Northern Iowa, Belmont, and Cincinnati in their next three, YIKES!

- You might have to thank the college football selection committee for the rumblings and grumblings of realignment that are about to go down. It was bad enough that UAB likely needs to find a new home but now the Big 12 will likely look to get two more teams, or at least that's the initial media/twitter knee jerk reaction. Cincinnati, BYU, and Memphis are all teams I've seen rumored, which likely means a shake up all the way down to the mid-majors.

- The nerds at Yale definitely earn shot of the week: