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Recruiting Video: Darnell Rogers Is Short, But He Can Shoot

He may be just 5-2, but Darnell Rogers is going to be someone to watch as recruiting for the class of 2016 heats up.

You probably haven't heard of Darnell Rogers, unless you live in Fort Mill, S.C. He isn't on any top recruits list. He likely won't be seeing Duke, or North Carolina, or even South Carolina come in to take a look.

So why do we like Darnell Rogers? Because he is 5-0, maybe 5-2 according to some sites, although I am not sure if that includes his hair, and he can shoot like this:

Are you with me now?

Some school that we cover here at Mid-Major Madness has to give this kid an offer. Why?

1. That hair: Marketing for your school at its finest. It could even rival the old Ed Daniel's Hair twitter account.

2. He has great ability to stop and shoot

3. He is fast!

4. Tall guys have a really hard time guarding him because they can't reach the ball

5. Again, have you seen the hair?

So yes, there are some drawbacks to putting the Eddie Gaedel of basketball out on the court. He will have a hard time breaking the press at the next level with his height. His teammates won't be able to find him on the court. This is why you don't see many players under 5-9 at the D-1 level.

But what if he hits some massive growth spurt like Anthony Davis did?

Even if he doesn't, watch that video again, and look at that hair.