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Live Stream: Bucknell Attempts to Run Over Colgate in Patriot League Action

Bucknell excels in rebounding at one end of the floor, but the story isn't the same at the other end of the court. So what will happen when they go against a team that isn't going to miss for them?

Thanks to the Patriot League Network powered by Campus Insiders, we are pleased to bring you this live stream of Saturday's game between the Bucknell Bison and the Colgate Raiders.

Here is a weird stat for you: Bucknell is one of the worst offensive rebounding teams in the Patriot League. Out of 10 teams, they are eighth, grabbing just 26.7 percent of their chances.

But move to the other end of the floor and you have a different story. They clean up on the defensive glass, allowing opponents just 24.4 percent of the chances.

Why would this be? Size. Bucknell is one of the smallest teams in the country, and they don't contend for the offensive second chances. Imagine saying that during any of the last four seasons when a certain Moose was in the middle. But at the other end, they set up and have great looks at the ball.

So will this one-and-done offense mean that the Bison are in trouble against Colgate: one of the best shooting teams in the league, who won't leave a lot for Bucknell to clean? We will see here at 2 p.m. Eastern.