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Live Stream: Army and Holy Cross Determined to Hang Close in Tight Patriot League Race

Army and Holy Cross meet in a game that decides who remains a contender for the Patriot League title, and who is just hoping to finish in the top half of the conference.

Thanks to the Patriot League Network powered by Campus Insiders, we are pleased to bring you this live stream of Wednesday night's game between the Black Knights of Army and the Holy Cross Crusaders.

Twelve down, six to go: that is the state of the Patriot League as Wednesday night tips off. Army and Holy Cross sit tied for third place in the conference, two games behind co-leaders Boston University and American.

The winner of Wednesday night's game between the Black Knights and Crusaders still has a horse in this race, but the loser is looking at finishing out the season just trying to remain in the top half of the standings.

That is what makes tonight so important for both teams as one of them will be lucky to finish in third place in the conference with so little time left to make up ground.

Who will come out on top? Find out here at 7 p.m. Eastern.