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10 Sexiest Mid-Major Basketball Coaches

By now you've at least glimpsed at the Top 100 Sexiest in College Basketball by Not one to leave our mid-major coaches feeling left out, here's my own list of the 10 Sexiest Mid Major Basketball Coaches.

Get excited Tony Jasick, you're #1!
Get excited Tony Jasick, you're #1!
Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

Now, my list is a little different. I like my men to be not just good looking, but also successful (sorry Nick Robinson. Win a conference game and we can talk). With that said, here's my list.

1. Tony Jasick (IPFW, Head Coach)

He's young, attractive and successful as a coach. Not only did he lead his team to 27 wins (the highest total by a head coach in their first two seasons) but, to quote Nicole Shea from the Top 100 list, "The guy looks like he should be on the cover of GQ."

2. Chris Markwood (Vermont, Assistant Coach)

What's better than being a coach in the conference you used to play in? Being an attractive coach in the conference you used to play in. He's only just started his career at UVM, but if good looks can generate wins, the Catamounts will surely top the conference.

3. John Gallagher (Hartford, Head Coach)

I had a tiny problem with the Top 100 list: this guy wasn't on it. He's done wonders with the program, leading the team to their first ever post season tournament. He cares a lot for his players and it really shows on and off the court. He also has a nice collection of light blue shirts that he pairs with a variety of bright red ties.

4. Shaka Smart (VCU, Head Coach)

I agree with Nicole Shea on one thing, you really do have to love the smile. He's a high-energy coach that's done wonders with the team, including bringing them to their first Final Four appearance. He's smart and attractive, what's not to love?

5. Adam Caporn (St. Mary's, Assistant Coach)

As a former player, he knows the ins and outs of the team. He was current coach Randy Bennett's first-ever recruit. He's a young guy with a bright future ahead of him. Oh, and did I mention he's Australian? Accents are sexy, right?

6. Mike Martin (Brown, Head Coach)

Being a coach in the Ivy League isn't easy. Somehow he manages to be successful as well as good looking. He's another former player turned coach. Another young coach that's really improved the program. He led the Bears to a turnaround season where they topped at 4th in the standings.

7. Scott Burrell (Quinnipiac, Assistant Coach)

I've unintentionally added a lot of New England coaches. But this guy deserves it. He's the only athlete to be a first-round pick in two professional sports. He was a first round pick for MLB back in 1989 and the 20th overall pick in 1993 for the NBA.

8. Akeem Miskdeen (Hampton University, Assistant Coach)

He helped develop DTP (discipline, toughness, passion) which seems to be working well for his team. He seems to have on pretty good future ahead of him. Thought, it wouldn't kill him to crack a smile every so often.

9. B.J Hill (Northern Colorado, Head Coach)

He's one of the older guys on the list. That's okay. He has a bit of a "movie star" look to him. I can definitely see him staring in a crime drama if his incredibly successful career as a head coach doesn't pan out.

10. Geoff Arnold (St. Joe's, Assistant Coach)

Another guy who can rock the bald look well. He's a member of the Saint Joseph's Basketball Hall of Fame, inducted back in 1992, which is pretty cool in my book.