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Live Stream: Colgate Travels to Army for Patriot League Showdown

Colgate hasn't lived up to the expectations that we set for them at the beginning of the season. Perhaps it has something to do with them never shooting free throws.

Thanks to the Patriot League Network powered by Campus Insiders, we are pleased to bring you this live stream of Wednesday night's game between the Colgate Raiders and the Army Black Knights.

There were high hopes for Colgate entering the season, at least from where we were sitting. There was a wealth of talent back (some of which got hurt this season, but no excuses), and there was a void at the top of the league that needed to be filled by someone.

The defense hasn't helped Colgate and we have been on top of that here.

What is most surprising is the the Raiders have been fairly decent on the offensive side of the ball, but have done so without really getting to the free throw line.

They are dead last in the country in the percentage of field goal attempts that lead to free throws. Part of this is their high percentage of 3-point attempts taken (almost 42 percent of the offense vs. a D-1 average of 32.8 percent). But that doesn't account for everything and it certainly hasn't helped them get some free points that other teams are living off of.

We will find out if they can make the most of those few attempts tonight at Army, at 7 p.m. Eastern.

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