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Live Stream: American and Army Square with Second Place on the Line

American welcomes Army with second place in the Patriot League at stake.

Thanks to the Patriot League Network powered by Campus Insiders, we are pleased to bring you this live stream of Saturday's game between the American Eagles and the Army Black Knights.

American's great start to the Patriot League season seems like a distant memory at this point. Things got worse for the Eagles after losing earlier this week against Boston University, who is just one win away from clinching the conference crown.

Now the Eagles need a win and a Holy Cross loss just to grab second place in the league. It doesn't seem right given that this team was 10-0 at one point.

It won't be easy though as Army is not the pushover that they once were for American. The Eagles lead the all-time season 25-6 but were swept last season in three games and were fought hard earlier this year by the Black Knights.

Can American make its conference tournament life a little easier with a win today? We will find out at 2 p.m. Eastern.