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Live Stream: St. Mary's Travels to Santa Clara

St. Mary's couldn't hold off Jared Brownridge at home. What hope do they have going on the road?

Thanks to, we are pleased to bring you this live stream of Saturday's game between the St. Mary's Gaels and the Santa Clara Broncos.

St. Mary's didn't make things simple for themselves over the last couple of games. A loss to BYU, a loss to San Francisco, a lot of questions about what team the Gaels really are.

Those questions will be on display Saturday afternoon as they face Santa Clara, a team that doesn't have the chops that the Gaels have, but managed to sneak past St. Mary's earlier this season.

That was back when St. Mary's could still have dreams of competing for the WCC title, and possibly catching Gonzaga. Now the challenge will be trying to reach third place in the conference. That would require some help by San Francisco's opponents, and a lot of luck from here on out.

Will the luck be on the Gaels side against the Broncos in Santa Clara? We will find out here at 1 p.m. Pacific.