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Live Stream: Santa Clara Travels to Loyola Marymount in Important Final Week

Santa Clara and Loyola Marymount meet in a battle to see if the Lions can climb out of last place in the conference.

Thanks to, we are pleased to bring you this Thursday's game between the Santa Clara Broncos and the Loyola Marymount Lions.

As the regular season enters its final week, Santa Clara sits two games of Loyola Marymount in the WCC standings. So why is this important? The team in 7th place (currently San Diego) and the team in 10th place (currently the Lions) will avoid Gonzaga in the first game of the WCC Tournament in Las Vegas, at least until the finals.

Not having to see the No. 1 seed in the quarterfinals would be a boon for any team, even if Gonzaga hasn't been as dominating as they have been in the past.

So it calls into question if Loyola Marymount really wants to win tonight, even if the chances of them moving out of that No. 10 seed line are slim. The Lions would need to win their final two games, and either Santa Clara or Pacific would need to drop both games for tie-breakers to even enter the picture.

We will find out how hard the Lions go at the Broncos tonight, starting at 8 p.m. Pacific.