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Utah Valley and New Mexico State Get Into Post-Game Brawl

Utah Valley upset New Mexico State 66-61 last night, but it was the extracurriculars after the game was over that made headlines.

No one can ever say that there isn't passion in the new WAC ever again...

Last night the Utah Valley Wolverines stayed in first place in the WAC with a 66-61 win over preseason conference favorite New Mexico State. The win gave the Wolverines revenge for a loss to the Aggies earlier this year and one game lead in the WAC standings with two regular season games left on their slate.

Court storming ensued at the conclusion of the upset last night and New Mexico State's K.C. Ross-Miller decided to chuck the ball at Holton Hunsaker, the Wolverines star guard and son of head coach Dick Hunsaker. The incident set the stage for an unfortunate brawl with both teams and the Utah Valley students on the floor.

I think I came away most impressed by the one gentleman's neon green blazer.

New Mexico State coach Marvin Menzies addressed the incident following the game:

"I don't know what exactly happened. I was kind of going over to shake hands," Menzies said. "I want to apologize for K.C.'s actions. From what I understand, he threw the ball after the game was over and had expired. I don't know what provoked it. I mean, Hunsaker's a little chippy himself so he may have said something or done something, but you just can't respond. I mean, we showed them plenty of clips where they do things that can get underneath your skin a little bit and you've got to be tougher than that mentally, and I'm just upset that he did that."

Ross-Miller will be held out for the next game against Bakersfield, but the suspension could last longer after Menzies reviews the tape.

If the conference wanted drama heading into the WAC Tournament then they got it. I'm sure if these two teams happen to match up in the WAC finals then a few more people may be paying attention around the country.