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Live Stream: Gonzaga Looks to Avenge Its Single Conference Loss Against Portland

Gonzaga's lone loss in the WCC this season came against Portland. Now the Pilots take aim at the Bulldogs again in the second conference meeting.

Thanks to, we are pleased to present this live stream of Wednesday's West Coast Conference game between the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Portland Pilots.

Back at the beginning of January, Gonzaga took its only loss of the West Coast Conference season by dropping a game 82-73 to Portland.

What was missed in that game was how good Portland was throughout the second half. They turned the tide away from Gonzaga and just started to dominate the game.

The Pilots have just had such an odd resume, losing to teams like San Diego and Santa Clara, but triumphing over BYU and the Zags. This could make them a very dangerous opponent on whatever side of the bracket they are on, assuming that they don't bow out early on.

Gonzaga hasn't been the same Gonzaga that we are used to this season, with a number of close calls. Could another one be coming tonight? Find out here at 8 p.m. Pacific.