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Live Stream: Bucknell and Lafayette Thrown Down in the Patriot League

Bucknell's defense isn't what it was last season. Could we tie some of those numbers back to a single player that used to roam the middle of the court for them?

Thanks to the Patriot League Network powered by Campus Insiders, we are pleased to bring you this live stream of Wednesday night's Patriot League game between the Bucknell Bison and the Lafayette Leopards.

It really isn't fair to pin the differences in performance for the Bucknell Bison on a single player, but when you have a player of Mike Muscala's skill one season and then he is gone the next, you notice the difference.

Take for instance how Bucknell has been doing at interior defense this season compared to last year.

This year: 5.1 percent block rate, last in the Patriot League.
Last year: 10.8 percent block rate, by far the best in the conference

This year: 48 percent of 2-point shots taken against them are going in, solidly in the middle of the pack.
Last year: Just 41.5 percent of 2-point shots taken went in, a full 3.4 percentage points better than the next team in the league.

Stats like that can change the fortunes of a team's defense in a hurry.

So what will the Bison have inside against Lafayette on Wednesday night? Find out here at 7 p.m. Eastern.