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Live Stream: Pacific Visits Loyola Marymount

Lions and Tigers and conference tournament implications, oh my!

Thanks to, we're pleased to bring you a live stream of today's game between the Pacific Tigers and Loyola Marymount Lions.

Pacific sits at eighth in the conference standings. The Tigers got off to a disastrous start in their first year in the WCC. They lost their first four games and seemed firmly planted in the cellar. Now, with a second shot at the teams that defeated them, the Tigers look more comfortable. More importantly, they're more competitive. After that 0-4 start, Pacific has gone 3-4.

The Lions have taken the opposite trajectory to their 3-8 record. A fast start, including a win over BYU, had the lions at 2-0 in conference play. Since then, they're 1-8 and imploding. As seems to always be the case for Max Good, his team has been decimated by injuries. Making things worse, promising sophomore Ben Dickinson, citing personal reasons, has taken a leave of absence.

Two things stand out about this game. First, Anthony Ireland is making his final push up LMU's all time scoring list. He passed Bo Kimble on Thursday. Currently at 2,022 points, he likely won't move into first (Hank Gathers' 2,490 seems pretty safe) but he's on track to move into second.

The other aspect is the conference tournament. Seeds 1-6 receive a bye into the quarterfinals. Whichever team loses this game will be all but guaranteed a date in the first round. The winner will climb into position a game and a half behind coveted sixth place.