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Wofford's Aerris Smith Gives an Emotional Post-game Interview

Wofford's Aerris Smith made quite the announcement after the Terriers win over Western Carolina in the Southern Conference finals.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard not get passionate and wrapped up in the emotion of March Madness. There are so many great stories from coast to coast on how different teams make their way to the "Big Dance" and each one is as unique as the next.

One story that will tug on your heart strings is Wofford's Aerris Smith who announced in one of the most emotional post game press conferences you'll ever see that he's having season ended surgery and won't be playing wherever the Terriers might end up in the tournament.

Smith wasn't a stat sheet stuffer for the Southern Conference champs but did appear in 31 games this year, including all three games in the Southern Conference Tournament.

All the best to Aerris and his Wofford Terriers. We hope that there is some way that he'll get to go to the NCAA Tournament with his team, wherever they might end.