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2014 CIT: Towson Beats USC Upstate on Buzzer Beater

Not everyone pays attention to the College Insider Tournament, which is a shame, because then you miss ridiculous moments like this one from Towson in their win over USC Upstate and Torrey Craig

When we talked about Four McGlynn before the season as an impact transfer (from Vermont to Towson) this wasn't exactly what we meant, but I'm sure the Tigers will take it. The video is rough but what you can just make out is McGlynn launching a 3-point jump shot from half-court to give Towson a 63-60 victory.

That's impressive because a lot of players are just hoping to take that "awkward-running-leap" type heave and have it wind up going in. Not McGlynn, he just leans into it and drills it to help the Tigers advance. Four has been strong from three, if nothing else this season, and he has now helped the Tigers advance one more level in their post-season journey.

This Towson Tigers team has improved for the second straight season - after a single solitary win last season, they improved to 18 wins last year, and last night marked their 24th win of this season. They now advance to play another road game at East Tennessee State on Friday at 7 p.m. EST.