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Mid-Major Madness Bracket Group Update: Round of 64

Some crazy upsets threw a gigantic wrench into the standings. Who weathered the storm in the Mid-Major Madness bracket group?

Current Standings (for 32 total games)

T-1. Kyle's Perfect Bracket (26 correct picks for 52 points)

T-1. Jake's Dandy Bracket (26/52)

3. Geeves's Primo Bracket (25/50)

4. Bogle's Buster Bracket (24/48)

5. Eye Test Central (23/46)

6. Parks' Bracket (22/44)

T-7. Anders J's Awesome Bracket (21/42) (Hey it's me!)

T-7. Northeast Bias (21/42)

T-7. I'm Liam. I don't play the CBI (21/42)

T-7. Dunk City Blues (21/42)

There's a big cluster gathered around the bottom of the standings. Also, a tie for first! If you're like me and you're at the bottom of the standings, don't worry, the points matter more in the later rounds anyway. So let's just hope the major upsets didn't do too many bad things for your bracket.

Bragging Rights

I know everyone who picked the big upsets wants to be recognized for their predictions. Here, your bold choices will be honored.

Note: "Big upset" is defined as a 5 seed difference or greater, since 8/9 and 7/10 games are roughly the same talent level.

No. 12 Stephen F Austin over No. 5 VCU

Who picked it: Geeves

No. 14 Mercer over No. 3 Duke

Who picked it: Liam, Dunk City (Hmm...Atlantic Sun bias you two?)

No. 11 Tennessee over No. 6 UMass

Who picked it: Kyle, Geeves, Eye Test Central, Anders J, Liam, Dunk City

No. 12 Harvard over No. 5 Cincinnati

Who picked it: Kyle, Jake, Geeves, Bogle, Eye Test Central, Dunk City, Anders J

No. 12 North Dakota State over No. 5 Oklahoma

Who picked it: Jake, Geeves, Eye Test Central, Dunk City, Anders J

No. 11 Dayton over No. 6 Ohio State

Who picked it: Kyle, Jake, Dunk City