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2014 NCAA Tournament: Dayton Fans Celebrate As Only Dayton Fans Can

After Dayton defeated Syracuse to reach the Sweet 16, the Dayton students took to the streets to celebrate and created quite the storm of photos on Twitter. Here is a review of the celebration.

Dayton took out the No. 3 seeded Syracuse to move on to the Sweet 16, and break a lot of brackets in the process. So what would you do if you went to Dayton? Why celebrate of course!

We knew things were going to get interesting when we saw this tweet about the riot police getting into gear. It was only later we saw why.

Now, this might have been a shot back at Dayton by our friendly Ohio State blog, given the newspaper headlines from Friday morning. But we decided to look for ourselves. A simple search for Dayton on Twitter gave us:


Now, let me say that I was in Dayton for St. Patrick's Day and it wasn't this crazy. But we digress.

Apparently the University president, Dr. Daniel Curren, got involved in the fun by crowd surfing with the students. If only all presidents could be this fun:

And the party continued:

Especially so when the NCAA app screwed up and showed Dayton playing itself in the Sweet 16:

Yes, the riot police were present to keep watch:

And the party continued until early in the morning when the Flyers returned to campus ... at 4 a.m.:

Do you have any great pics from the celebration Saturday night? Email us at madnesssbnation at, or tweet us @mid_madness to share.