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Coaching Carousel: South Florida Rescinds Offer to Steve Masiello

Just a day after the news of Steve Masiello taking the South Florida job came out, the Tampa based school has rescinded their off to Manhattan's coach.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we reported that Steve Masiello and the South Florida Bulls had come to an agreement for Masiello to be the new head coach at the Tampa based school, now that deals seems to have fallen through. The Tampa Tribune is reporting that Masiello's offer is being rescinded because of an "undetected discrepancy in his background check".

The background check was ran by Eastman & Beaudine, a firm that USF is paying $60,000 to help in the process of finding their replacement for Stan Heath.

A lot of questions remain after this latest update. Will Masiello simply return to Manhattan? What discrepancy would keep Masiello from being the head coach at USF but allow him to be the head coach at Manhattan? Why didn't Eastman & Beaudine vet Masiello more thoroughly before news of the move became public?

We'll keep you updated as the coaching carousel continues to spin and as this situation is resolved.

UPDATE (8:55 AM):

UPDATE (4:30 PM): In a statement from Manhattan Masiello has been placed on leave while the University of Kentucky looks into his academic records.