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Mid-Major Madness Podcast: Patriot League, NEC, and West Coast Conference

We're back...again. In Part 2 of our conference tournament breakdowns we discuss the Patriot League, NEC, and the West Coast Conference. Stephen Gertz and Jimmy Kelley also joined us to navigate through these conferences and also to discuss the Pope's tremendous role in these tournaments.

Paolo Bruno

Ever wonder how the Pope effects college basketball? Of you have! We all have! Well, now we have answers with Part 2 of our Mid-Major Madness Podcast looking at this week's conference tournaments.

Ben and Parks were joined by Patriot League expert Jimmy Kelley and NEC extraordinaire Stephen Gertz to talk about those two conference tournaments this week and who we should expect to come out of the those conferences. Stephen also touches on his NEC Season Awards where he polled a conglomerate of NEC writers and bloggers to find out who is most deserving of recognition in the conference.

Finally, we close with the West Coast Conference where a bunch of East Coast guys try to break down a conference they know nothing about. Thankfully Ben was there to straighten us all out.

We'll be back this weekend breaking down the week that was, as well as next week's conference tournaments.

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