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UC Santa Barbara Fan Parties Too Hard, Goes After Hawaii Coach

You can categorize this under "COME AT ME BRO" in the next GIF Tournament...

UC Santa Barbara is a school all about academic prestige...and parties.  The Princeton Review last year ranked UCSB No. 2 in the nation for Party School, and in the top-10 for many other "party-like" categories.

So what happens when the students party too hard?

It all started when Hawaii's Brandon Spearman got a technical foul for arguing a referee's call.  The Rainbow Warrior's Head Coach Gib Arnold went after the ref to object the call and got a technical foul himself.

Enter the Gaucho fan, who for no apparent reason, charged the court after Arnold.  What you have presented is .gif gold:


Here's a question: where is security to sense hostility and restrain him before he even came out?  It's one thing to have fans rush the court after a game, but it's a completely different thing when a single fan is allowed to rush the court, charge the opposing coach and players and then skip away without security coming after him.

Hopefully that student or whoever he is gets permanently banned.