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Mid-Major Madness Bracket Group: Final Results

After a crazy NCAA Tournament, our Mid-Major Madness bracket group results are in. The top of the standings were close, but only one came out victorious.

Joe Robbins

Well, March Madness is all said and done and with the dust settled, let's take a look at the final standings for our Mid-Major Madness bracket group.

1. Eye Test Central (107 points)

•Ben (our managing editor) picked two correct Final Four teams and fended off the rest of the field to take home bragging rights, but no free t-shirt :(

2. I'm Liam. I don't play the CBI (106 points)

•Don't mean to brag but I did select UConn in the Final Four. Still, that wasn't enough to salvage an otherwise atrocious bracket. Yes, I did pick Mercer to beat Duke.

3. Bogle's Buster Bracket (105 points)

•At third, Bogle managed to correctly pick five of the Elite Eight teams but only one of the Final Four squads (Wisconsin).

4. Jake's Dandy Bracket (104 points)

•With the only a few points separating the leaders, Jake was in the mix, and even picked Dayton to upset Ohio State, but other early round picks proved costly.

5. Northeast Bias (103 points)

•James' lone correct Final Four selection (Florida) could not bring him home the win.

T-6. Dunk City Blues (94 points)

•I'd give this bracket an A+ for name creativity, and multiple upset selections (Mercer, Dayton...), but only picking half of the Elite Eight wasn't going to cut it in this group.

T-6. Parks' Bracket (94 points)

•His predicted champion Jayhawks fell on opening weekend and Parks' bracket never recovered after that, despite a correct North Dakota State selection.

8. Geeves's Primo Bracket (92 points)

•Another opening weekend loss for a predicted champion, this time Wichita State, sent this bracket home quickly. It does contain nice selections of Stephen F. Austin, Harvard, and NDSU, however.

9. Anders J's Awesome Bracket (86 points)

•Our West Coast friend selected three of the Elite Teams correctly, but Louisville, a trendy champion selection, fell through for Anders.

10. Kyle's Perfect Bracket (83 points)

•Despite falling to the bottom of our standings, Kyle can boast of selecting Dayton over Ohio State.