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IPFW Promotes Jon Coffman To Head Coach

After Tony Jasick left to accept the vacant head coaching position in Jacksonville, the Mastodons wasted no time in promoting assistant coach Jon Coffman to fill the void.

Michael Hickey

Well, that didn't take too long, did it?

Just yesterday, it was reported that Tony Jasick, Mid-Major Madness' sexiest coach of the year, would be leaving IPFW to accept the head coaching job at Jacksonville

Now, only one day later, Fort Wayne's 21Alive reports the Mastodons have announced that Jon Coffman, who served as Jasick's lead assistant and primary recruiter for the past three seasons, will assume the role of head coach for next season.

He might need to update his Twitter feed now, as you can see from his most recent tweet:

But that can wait for later. We previously mentioned Jasick's recruiting from Florida, but it appears that may have actually been Coffman's connections from his time at Stetson University. He originally came to IPFW from a stint as the lead assistant coach at Colgate, and his time at Stetson spanned eight seasons prior to that.

There were initially some rumors (on Twitter, for what it's worth) that Coffman might go with Jasick to Jacksonville given his Florida recruiting ties, but apparently a head coaching opportunity was more to Coffman's liking.