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Proposed South Carolina State Budget Could Shutdown Basketball Program

A proposal came down today that would potentially cut South Carolina State's basketball program. Are the Bulldogs on the verge of extinction?

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina State has certainly had their troubles on the court but now it seems like their whole men's basketball program may be in jeopardy.  The Bulldogs have won just 20 games over the last three seasons combined and financial issues have some wondering if the program is worth keeping.

According to Charleston CBS affiliate WCSC 5 the school is considering taking radical action:

A budget proposed by the university's Board of Trustees Wednesday does not include funding for the men's basketball team or the women's golf team. The Lady Bulldogs' golf team would only be suspended, but the men's basketball team would be cut altogether.

Apparently South Carolina State asked the state for over $14 million to cover utilities and payroll, and would still have a $13 million shortfall with the proposed budget that would cut basketball.

The Bulldogs last had a winning season in 2010 when they went 18-14 under current Longwood assistant Tim Carter. The MEAC member has made five NCAA Tournament appearances, most recently in 2003.

Perhaps this may not mean the complete end of the program, but a drop to Division III? SCSU president Thomas Elzey sounded as if he is not willing to make cuts:

"We cannot do it by cutting. Grow our way out of it and raise money. Those are two ways of being able to improve our overall financial position and help us address these deficits that we're facing." via WCSC.