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Coaching Carousel: Mississippi Valley State to Tab Andre Payne

After a weird search, the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils look to an NAIA head coach to lead their squad.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The weird coaching situation at Mississippi Valley State seems to be coming to an end as the Delta Devils are expected to tap Andre Payne to replace former head coach Chico Potts. Payne comes from NAIA Wiley College where he was the basketball coach and Athletic Director.

Payne lead the Wiley Wildcats to a 19-11 mark this past year.  He's been coaching at Wiley since 2006 and lead the Wildcats to their first national tournament appearance in 37 years in 2007 and was also named the Red River Athletic Conference Coach of the Year.

One weird twist in the hire is that Payne will not be announced or start as the head coach until after July 1 when the new fiscal year starts at the SWAC school. The Delta Devils were 14-46 in two years under Potts and they are trying to recapture the success they had under current Morehead State head coach Sean Woods.