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Harvard Basketball Players Read, Analyze Edward Hirsch's 'Fast Break'

The boys from Cambridge once again remind us that they're WICKED SMAHT

In college I majored in Sports Journalism, but many of the classes I had to take were English and literature courses that helped me understand not just how to tell a story, but also how to break down and analyze the choices a writer makes in order to more effectively tell that story. Choosing the right word for the right sentence in valuable in journalism and short stories, but it is doubly important when talking about poetry.

The Harvard Crimson basketball team, as part of a project called "HarvardX", put poet Edward Hirsch's poem, "Fast Break", into action and then broke it down with one of Harvard's many talented professors. Many have described basketball at its highest level as poetry, and if they could ever achieve a break like the one they execute in this video, it would certainly end up on the shelf of aspiring basketball coaches everywhere.

Enjoy these student-athletes for what they are now, months removed from actual competitive basketball: Students.