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Colgate Shooter Pat Moore Earns Fifth Year

Pat Moore was a big part of Colgate's early season success until a back injury derailed his - and the Raiders' - season.

Pat Moore was a major contributor for Colgate before going out with a back injury.
Pat Moore was a major contributor for Colgate before going out with a back injury.
Nate Shron

Just 10 games into last season, Colgate Raiders shooting guard Pat Moore appeared to have played his last collegiate basketball game after a back injury that would require surgery cut his season short. However, news came down Tuesday that Moore would be granted a fifth year of eligibility and, if his rehab stays on track, will be available for the start of preseason practice, according to Tom Housenick of The Morning Call Varsity Blog.

Moore averaged 8.2 points per game and connected on 21-of-47 attempts from three, giving Matt Langel's team a boost from the perimeter. He poured in 17 points in two separate games, including the season-opening game against Wake Forestwhen he made five of his eight attempts from beyond the arc.

"Obviously the injury to Pat was significant last season," Colgate coach Matt Langel said. "Not having him in the lineup for what ended up being the last two-thirds of the season was part of the reason we weren't able to win some of those close games.

"His health, hopefully, will get back to where it was and he can get back to being the consistent offensive contributor he was."

Prior to last year's short season, Moore had been a steady contributor and was expected to take a big step forward as a senior. In 61 games across the previous two seasons, Moore averaged 9.9 points per game on 41.8 percent shooting from three.

Colgate returns four of its five starters, only losing the immortal Murphy Burnatowski. Throwing Moore back into the fold alongside Ethan Jacobs, Damon Sherman-Newsome and last year's impact transfer Austin Tillotson and Colgate has the look of a team that is read to not just live up to expectations, but exceed them.