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Charleston Gets It Right By Hiring Earl Grant

College of Charleston has been doing a lot of things wrong lately, but they finally got it right on Wednesday in hiring Clemson assistant Earl Grant.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

It took some time and developed plenty of controversy over the past month or so but the College of Charleston made the right decision in hiring former Clemson assistant Earl Grant. The Cougars were left embarrassed not only after the Doug Wojcik dismissal but when current Wofford coach Mike Young and former NBA player Anthony Johnson, the two finalist for the job, both pulled out. Swiftly after that Virginia assistant Ritchie McKay removed his name from consideration.

Grant's name won't excite Cougar's fans as much as former Charlotte coach and current North Carolina State assistant Bobby Lutz's would, but the marriage of Grant and Charleston is the best match among any of the candidates in my opinion. It may take time for the Cougars but the 37 year old Grant is a North Charleston native and has studied under some of the best in South Carolina as an assistant for Gregg Marshall at Winthrop and Wichita State for six years and as an assistant under Brad Brownell at Clemson for the past four years.

Grant will bring enthusiasm to the Cougars program and also has plenty of experience recruiting where the College needs the most help. Like I said, it may take some time but Grant gives the Cougars more upside then any of the retreads would have and most certainly more than a person like Anthony Johnson would have brought with no coaching experience of any sort.