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2015 NCAA Tournament recap: R.J. Hunter, Georgia State steal a win from Baylor Bears

R.J. Hunter is a legend. He will make more legendary moments Saturday.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

R.J. Hunter deserves to have legends said about him like he were Chuck Norris.

"R.J. Hunter shoots so hard, he knocks his father down."
"R.J. Hunter shoots so well, he slays Bears."
"R.J. Hunter once shot a 3-point shot across the Grand Canyon. Nothing but net."

R.J. Hunter shot a 3-pointer from five feet beyond the 3-point line against Baylor on Thursday afternoon, and sent the Internet into a frenzy about the Georgia State guard.. For the second time in less than an hour, a 14-seed from a smaller conference upset a 3-seed from the Big 12.

When it looked like Georgia State was going to squander away a final possession with nine seconds left on the clock and all they needed was a two, Hunter took over. The team passed into his hands two feet behind the arc, he stepped back, and fired.

Onions? There aren't enough onions in Florida to take that shot.

But it fell and Ron Hunter celebrated so hard, he slipped off his stool and onto the floor in Jacksonville. And when it was all over, with tears in his eyes, he rode his scooter -- the scooter he has to use after tearing his Achilles tendon just getting to the NCAA Tournament -- across the floor to give his interview.

Think this doesn't mean something to father and son to be here, to be playing on into Saturday? Think again.

Georgia State took advantage of every weakness that Baylor put in front of them to exploit, and Ron Hunter had his team ready for the biggest one of all.

Baylor had trouble hanging onto the ball all season, so the Panthers got right up on them, grabbed 13 steals, and caused 21 total turnovers. The biggest came with a little more than a minute remaining. Baylor's Taurean Prince got trapped on the sidelines and in desperation passed the ball out into the middle of the backcourt.

R.J. Hunter sprinted out of nowhere to intercept the ball and lay it in without a Bear in sight. It was the last two points of nine in a row scored by the junior, and had the crowd believing in a comeback that didn't seem possible when Georgia State had just one field goal in more than 11 minutes in the middle of the second half.

Baylor just seemed to implode in the final moments. Baylor didn't score from the floor for the final five minutes, 47 seconds of the game, and when they went to the line, they fell into bad habits from the season when they shot just 66.7 percent.

Even Kenny Chery, an 83.1 percent shooter, missed the front end of a 1-and-1 setting up the rebound by T.J. Shipes, and the triumphant shot by Hunter.

Georgia State will keep dancing -- or rolling in the case of their coach -- on to face the winner of Xavier and Ole Miss on Saturday.

Perfect timing for R.J. Hunter to write more legends.