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Double Bonus: Could Louisville's Trouble Trickle Down to Mid-Majors?

The situation at Louisville could be a slippery slope for several mid-major programs.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure by now you've heard the allegations from late Friday claiming that a former Louisville staffer helped to provide escorts to Cardinals recruits. I'm sure the accusation doesn't shock anyone and probably brings up scenes from "He Got Game" in your mind. I haven't read the book and therefore I really don't have an opinion on the matter.

While most eyes are on Louisville and Rick Pitino, we should really be wondering if there will be fallout elsewhere. After the 2013 national championship Cardinal assistants became a hot commodity. The span of these accusations are from 2010 to 2014 which could possibly implicate Steve Masiello (Manhattan), Kevin Keatts (UNCW), Kareem Richardson (UMKC), and even Pitino's son Rich. There are also plenty of assistants that were part of the program as well.

The fallout has already reached UMKC as Kangaroos assistant Andree McGee has already been placed on administrative leave. McGee is at the center of these allegations claiming that he was directly involved as the Director of Basketball Operations in lining up this escort services. McGee's lawyer, Steve Cox, has already issued harsh words claiming that the accuser is a "whore" interested in money.

The hands of the four head coaches I just mentioned might be completely clean but it's still worth keeping an eye on. If I was a guy like Kevin Keatts I probably wouldn't be feeling too comfortable this mornings. Keatts employment at Louisville was nearly solely based on bringing star Montrezl Harrell along with him whom he coached at Hargrave Military Academy.

Perhaps this won't go any farther than McGee. Perhaps it will go away entirely like some other Pitino indiscretions. But it is worth noting that this is a slippery slope that could spell trouble around the mid-major community.