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Super Bowl XLIX Predictions From Guys Who Like College Basketball

We don't spend a lot of time watching the NFL, but that won't stop us from making insane Super Bowl predictions. Our Mid-Major Madness staff does its best to predict who will win the big showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

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So here is what I know about the NFL: this season, I was in a pool where I had to pick every game against the spread. I finished pretty far down the rankings, but I did have one week where I was better than everyone else competing.

That was Week 1, when it was a total crap shoot.

And I also went 0-16 in picking games that featured the Cincinnati Bengals. I did manage to correctly pick the result in their playoff game, but that regular season picking disaster has to be some kind of record.

I was nicely over .500 had it not been for them. If I had just gone .500 in their games, I am way higher in the final standings. I hate the Bengals.

The good news is that the Bengals did not make the Super Bowl, so I actually have a chance to get this prediction correct. Except that I went exactly 18-18 in picking games featuring the Seahawks or Patriots. Maybe I should just flip a coin, because the game is essentially a push when it comes down to it.

I will save my quarter flipping for last. Here is how the rest of the Mid-Major Madness staff sees Super Bowl XLIX turning out.

Dan Bogle: Seahawks win on the back of Marshawn Lynch, 21-20, after Stephen Gostkowski misses a long field goal within the last minute. The Patriots continue to be incapable of winning a Superbowl without Vinny, who is laughing all the way from Indianapolis.

Parks Smith: Redskins

Jimmy Kelley (who lives in the Northeast): Patriots 24, Seahawks 21. The Patriots control the game from beginning to end, but the Seahawks put together a touchdown drive in the last three minutes to make it a three-point game. The ensuing onside kick is handled by the Patriots' hands team while Packers fans sob uncontrollably. Lynch puts in a shift, but the Patriots secondary prevents Russell Wilson from doing much of anything. Belichick and Brady say corny things on the podium, Gronk dances, and I can finally watch SportsCenter again.

Jake Fischer (who also lives in the Northeast): Seahawks 28, Pats 24

Chris Hondros (who lives out west): Seahawks 35, Pats 21

David Prokop: Seattle 34, New England 24. Lynch goes over 89 yards, including a huge run over 45 yards. Wilson throws for under 220 with two picks. Brady throws one huge interception that changes the outcome of the game because of the return on it. The Seahawks rally behind that play.

Jason Lutz: Patriots 27, Seahawks 21

And then there was me and the quarter. *flip*

I really want this game to be the first game that needs to go to two overtimes, because both teams score field goals on their first possessions in the first overtime. That would be classic, and so typical of two teams that are very even.

But I won't call that.

Seattle 24, Patriots 23.

Enjoy the game.