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Kyle Wiltjer Scores Mid-Major Madness Player of the Week, Giddy Potts Top Freshman

Score 45 points, then put up a double-double, win award. This is much easier than winning an Oscar. Just ask Kyle Wiltjer.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Wiltjer made sure that Gonzaga was going to win the WCC, and likely that Gonzaga will go undefeated in the conference. Kyle Wiltjer did the amazing.

Kyle Wiltjer scored 45 points against Pacific, in an 86-74 win. That is 52 percent of your team's points, Kyle. That is freaking unbelievable. And you had six rebounds and four assists.

ESPN gave that a game score of 70 points. We just called it amazing.

And while two players managed to top 40 points on Saturday, it was still the most dominating performance of the week.

Then Kyle, you did it again Saturday, though not with the eye-popping numbers. You scored 16 points, and grabbed 12 rebounds. You cemented the WCC championship for the Bulldogs.

That is why, Kyle, you are the Mid-Major Madness Player of the Week.

Other Players considered: Kori Babineaux, Jacksonville;  David Laury, Iona; Julian Eleby, VMI; James Sinclair, Western Carolina; Amere May, Delaware State; Sterling Smith, Coppin State; Anton Grady, Cleveland State.

Giddy Potts should probably play more minutes for Middle Tennessee State. Just think of what he has been able to do as his minutes have increased this season, little by little.

It peaked this week as Potts scored 28 points on 10 of 14 shooting, including eight 3-pointers, in a 90-51 win over Marshall on Thursday night. He added five rebounds, two assists and two steals in that win.

Then he followed that with 22 points in a stunning 68-66 upset of Western Kentucky on Sunday afternoon. That performance had four 3-pointers, six rebounds, an assist and a block.

Giddy Potts, that is pretty damn impressive. That is why Potts is our Mid-Major Madness Freshman of the Week.

Also considered: Tayler Persons, Northern Kentucky.