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Tyler Haws Sets BYU's All-Time Scoring Record

Tyler Haws set a career high with 48 points the last time he played at the Chiles Center on the campus of the University of Portland. Tonight, at the Chiles Center, he set a program record by passing Jimmer Fredette for first place in scoring all-time at BYU.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tyler Haws played alongside Jimmer Fredette as a freshman. But, when Jimmer Mania spread across the country Haws was serving his Mormon mission in the Philippines, far away from it all. So maybe it's appropriate then, that Haws' journey past Fredette's 2,599 career points and into first place in scoring at BYU has come with considerably less fanfare.

Haws hasn't led the nation in scoring like Jimmer, and he doesn't fill the scoring column with shots from well behind the three point line — he's made 142 fewer three pointers in his career than Jimmer, and maybe most importantly his name doesn't have that strange allure that Jimmer's does.

Yet here he is, alone atop BYU's all-time scoring list.

2,614 career points and counting from a shooting guard who works mostly inside the three point arc. A master of the mid-range jumper, Haws is like one of the last living speakers of a dying language. Watching him is confusing. Why would a guard pass up a three point shot to drive into traffic for a tough shot worth one less point?

The more you watch, though, the more you realize you don't need to understand what he is doing to appreciate it. Much in the way that an opera can be beautiful even if you don't speak the language.

So, how did Haws rack up all those points?

Tonight, a Haws special to start, a mid-range jumper from just below the free throw line. Then another from jumper the elbow in which he fell over after the shot. He tied the record curling off a screen at the top of the key, just inside the three point arc. The record breaker was the most traditional, a lay-up just over five minutes into the game.

He's done it by playing 134 games and starting 132 of them. His career scoring average is 19.5 points per game. As a freshman he scored 11.3 points per game. 21.7 as a sophomore, 23.2 as a junior and 22.4 so far this season as a senior.

If you foul him he makes you pay, as he is an 88.8% free throw shooter over his career.

Since returning from his Mormon mission he has been held under 10 points in just three games. During that span he scored in double figures for 60 consecutive games. He didn't play competitive basketball for two years but didn't miss a beat upon his return.

20-plus points in his first six games after returning from the Philippines.

Only once in his career, February 2, 2010 vs. TCU, has Haws been held scoreless.

The Cougars have one more regular season game remaining, at Gonzaga on Saturday. Then at least one game, possibly three, in the WCC Tournament. Whether it's the NIT or the NCAA, the Cougars will be playing in a postseason tournament. So, Haws has at the very least three more games to pad his record.

Watch those games, because you aren't likely to find another scorer like Haws for a while.