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UTEP Miner Athletics Uses Twitter To Put Down Their Own Player

A social media snafu has gotten a bunch of NBA Scout scented egg on the face of the Texas-El Paso athletics department.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Jeff Darby, senior associate Athletic Director for UTEP, has issued an apology via Twitter:


So, after entering the NIT as a 6-seed, the UTEP Miners faced off against the Murray State Racers. Not only did they lose, but it wasn't particularly pretty. The whole team, including leading rebounder and scorer, struggled. Hunter still managed to put up 11 points, 10 rebounds and three steals, but it was generally not a pretty night.

And then there was a lot of talk about offseason plans and.... I'm sorry, what's that?


HOLY CRAP. The University of Texas at El Paso athletic department Twitter account sent out a tweet saying that their star player, according to a consensus polling of the NBA scouts at their game, is not pro material.

You will be shocked to learn that the Twitterverse was ALL OVER THEIR ASSES>

Seriously. There are very few explanations for such a tweet, so why not go to the Nth degree with your speculation? Twitter is the best revenge, as we all know.

THIS MAKES SENSE. Unless this is some sort of, like, #humblebrag? Does that work that way?

Some folks tried to make a more defensible explanation.

This is true. Vince now, very literally, knows exactly what he needs to work on. Assuming, of course, that this is the only thing standing between he and the NBA. Although, as one person points out, maybe this will cause him to leave early anyways?

Agreed. If I'm Vince, and I see this, I'm all like "YO SCREW THIS. I WASN'T GONNA LEAVE EARLY BUT IF THAT'S HOW IT'S GONNA BE..." and then poof, your best returning player for next year isn't anymore.

YES. Kind of similar to other recruiting pitches like "COME TO ALABAMA AND WE'LL TEACH YOU HOW TO POISON TREES" or "COME TO OREGON AND WE'LL TEACH YOU WHY HILITE IS THE BEST COLOR." Both well known as highly successful ploys for bringing in quality talent.

Finally, Captain Obvious spoke up.

Well, yeah. Your extra proof is the fact that te original tweet in this article is an image, not an embedded tweet, because it got deleted in about half the time it took me to write this story. Of course, UTEP is too cool to apologize, or anything like that, so the only tweet on their account in the last 45 minutes is simply:

You do you, UTEP. We wait to hear your explanation.