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Halftime Update: Georgia Southern Trails Georgia State 32-21 in Sun Belt Basketball Finale

Georgia Southern faces an uphill battle in its quest for another Sun Belt title.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Things have not gone the way Georgia Southern fans hoped so far at the GSU Sports Arena in Atlanta.

Georgia State jumped out to an 8-2 lead to start the game, later made it 16-7 and took a 32-21 lead into halftime. State looked more aggressive on the boards and had a much stronger inside game en route to comfortably leading the whole way. The Eagles have their work cut out for them in the second half.

Ultimately, the bigger story may end up being the injury to State star Ryan Harrow, who went down with a knee injury at the 7:53 mark. After limping off the court and putting no weight on his left leg, he incredibly returned at the 4:38 mark as the crowd erupted. But with the leg clearly hurting him Harrow went back to the bench not long after. We will see.

It has been a physical game. Southern starter Jake Allsmiller went down hard after a foul in the opening minutes and could be seen holding his jaw the rest of the first half.

RJ Hunter leads State with 12 points, while Trend Wiedeman paced Southern with 7.

The sold-out arena is LOUD. Check back here for the full story once the final whistle blows.