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Website fail: ESPN doesn't think much of the NIT

ESPN presented the semifinals of the NIT on Tuesday night, and will broadcast the finals Thursday, assuming that the semifinals actually happened.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN launched their new website design late last night, and it features a scoreboard at the top of the page when you are viewing stories about a particular topic.

As you may have noticed, ESPN has always struggled with how to present college basketball scores, usually opting for a Top 25 scoreboard on its site. During the postseason, they switch into one scoreboard for each tournament.

This can cause confusion when you look at the main scoreboard as it will present that there are no games on a particular night even when there are multiple games in tournaments that ESPN doesn't seem to care about.

But back to that scoreboard at the top of the screen. You would think that ESPN was smart enough to program this so that it would register the games that ESPN itself presented on any given night.



ESPN had both semifinals on Tuesday night, a close win by Miami and a win by Stanford that featured them squandering a 21-point lead over 20 minutes. They presumably are broadcasting the finals Thursday.

But according to this, maybe last night never happened?