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No. 1 High School Recruit Jayson Tatum Will Attend Duke

Tatum, 2016 No. 1 High School Recruit, will attend Duke University. Tatum was considering Kentucky, North Carolina and Saint Louis University. Some thought that Tatum might stay home and play for his local team the Saint Louis Billikens.

No. 1 High School Recruit Jayson Tatum playing in the U-19 FIBA Championships
No. 1 High School Recruit Jayson Tatum playing in the U-19 FIBA Championships

Jayson Tatum has made it official as he announced this morning that he will attend Duke University. Duke was seen as the favorite to land Tatum. Tatum's announcement likely means that another top high school prospect, Harry Giles, will likely follow him to Duke as well.

Some believed that Tatum might have remained home in St. Louis and attended Saint Louis University. Tatum had deep connections to SLU as his father (Justin Tatum) and his godfather (Larry Hughes) both played basketball at SLU. His mother even attended SLU for law school. In addition, Tatum attended numerous SLU basketball games while he was in high school.

However, Duke always received glowing praise from Tatum.

"I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. I went in there wondering how crazy it was gonna be because of everything I heard about their fans and things like that and it was better than people said...I would definitely give the visit a 10 out of 10," Tatum said to HNGN after a visit at Duke.

Tatum will immediately make Duke a competitor for the 2016-17 season. The Blue Devils will likely haul in other top recruits, but Tatum will be a centerpiece of Duke's next run to a national title.