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Mid Major Madness Is Looking For New Contributors

Come write about college basketball for the top site for mid major college basketball.

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With the new season just a few months away, Mid Major Madness is starting to get things in line for its coverage for next year and one of the areas where it's looking to expand is on the staff. As such, Mid Major Madness is looking for readers who are interesting in joining the team.

Covering so many conferences on one site is certainly a major requirement, which is why the site is looking to solidify its coverage and make sure all your favorite teams get their due. The basics on the openings are outlined below, but the biggest things that MMM is looking for are writing quality, dedication, and availability for coverage. Specifically, the site is looking for people that can contribute on a weekly basis and truly are looking to get their material out there.

With that, here is some basic information on the openings.

What does Mid Major Madness cover?

As mentioned above, MMM generally covers mid major college basketball. Still, for many this is a bit confusing, especially considering the insane conference realignment over the last few years. To help, here are the conferences that MMM covers on a daily basis.


  • America East
  • Atlantic 10
  • Atlantic Sun
  • Big Sky
  • Big South
  • Big West
  • CAA
  • CUSA
  • Horizon
  • Ivy
  • MAAC
  • MAC
  • MEAC
  • MVC
  • Northeast
  • Ohio Valley
  • Patriot
  • Southern
  • Southland
  • SWAC
  • Summit
  • Sun Belt
  • WCC
  • WAC
Obviously, there's a lot to cover there and things will certainly ebb and flow with events, but the long-term goal for any writer would be to assign them to cover a conference where they have a background and/or passion. In short, if you love Big Sky basketball and joined the staff, the goal would be to have you cover the Big Sky eventually, but as mentioned, things certainly vary depending on the current events of the day.

At this point, MMM has significant needs to cover the IVY, MAAC, and Northeast conferences. Still, as mentioned, the biggest things the site is looking for having to do with writing quality and writer dedication. Applicants willing to cover these conferences will certainly have some advantage, but it's far from a determining factor.

Topics will be assigned on occasion, but writers will have plenty of opportunities to recommend their own topics and to post on specific teams or players of their interest assuming they fit into MMM's larger coverage plan.

Who is Mid Major Madness looking to bring on staff?

There are a few things to note about contributor positions with the site, but the single biggest is that the site is looking for people who can be dedicated. This doesn't mean that you have to quit your day job to write for MMM, but keep in mind that there is a commitment on both sides. MMM commits to give a "virtual soapbox" and insight to new contributors, but the expectation is that contributors likewise commit to producing quality content on a consistent basis.

Generally, the expectation for new contributors on the site would be two (2) pieces of at least 500 words per week. The staff is more than willing to work with writers on bigger picture ideas or scheduling issues, but making consistent contributions is a huge part of the equation for any new individuals that are interested in joining the site. Without consistent posting not only does the site lack the content it needs, but the writers aren't able to really get their material out there enough to "make a name" for themselves. It really benefits both sides.

How do I apply?

There are a few simple steps to apply for a writing position with MMM, but there are a few things to keep in mind during the application process. First, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as MMM has set goals for staff size, which means that a given position may or may not be filled as you apply. Having said that, if a writer does show the adequate skills and dedication, the editors are more than willing to welcome a writer aboard.

The other thing to keep in mind while applying is that due to this rolling basis and other commitments, applications will be reviewed when possible. There is no set period for a response, so don't be concerned if you don't get a response back within 20 minutes. Still, the managers do generally try to get them back as soon as possible.

Here are the steps to apply:
  1. Please put together a resume and/or some type of document describing your relevant experience that you can bring to MMM. Keep in mind that your 5th grade chemistry project may not be all that relevant to a sports writing position.
  2. Please use the site's FanPost feature to submit an application article. Please compile a preview of a team of your choosing (of the conferences listed above) for the 2015-16 season of 500 or more words. This article should be titled: "[Insert Team] 2015-16 Season Preview." For instance, it would read, "Dayton Flyers 2015-16 Season Preview" for Dayton. This is the same editor that the contributors on MMM use on a daily basis.
  3. Please e-mail the above information to with the subject titled: "Mid Major Madness Writer Application."
In all reality, the steps are pretty simple, but it's important that both #1 and #2 are completed before sending your e-mail as these are required to adding any new staff contributor. Having said that, if you do have any questions regarding the application process, please don't hesitate to e-mail.


A few final notes that may or may not be of interest. First, this position is unpaid. Unfortunately, we would like to guarantee payment to contributors, but it's simply not in the cards right now. Having said that, SBNation has often hired and promoted from its own in the past. Along with this, there have also been a large number of writers who have contributed to SBNation who have received interest from other sites. The opportunities are there due to the exposure, but it's just not something that can be guaranteed.

Along with this, many contributors in the past have been interested in obtaining media credentials after joining the site. This is always a fluid situation as it depends on a number of factors including athletic departments and SBNation's oversight, but if a contributor does put in the work, the staff will certainly work with them to see what can be setup. As always, there has to be a partnership on both sides for this to be an option.

Finally, though the application process and contributing for the site may seem like a decent hunk of work, it really is a lot of fun and there aren't many things more enjoyable than writing about your favorite team  after scoring a big win or a rival suffering a rough loss. Sports are a great thing and writing can take that to another level.

We look forward to receiving everyone's applications and will get back as soon as we can!