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Double Bonus: Defining a Mid-Major

A special edition of the Double Bonus tries to put the debate to rest regarding whether or not your team is a mid-major.

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Defining a Mid-Major

One of the perils of working for Mid-Major Madness is without a doubt you'll be berated by some fan shouting their school isn't a "mid-major". This week Bradford Boisvert was "that guy" on the twitterverse when we simply posted the College Hoops Marathon schedule and highlighted the schools that we cover.

I'm tired of playing this semantics game and I could talk about how Bradford's team hasn't been to the NCAA Tournament this century or how the Atlantic 10 lost games to St. Francis (PA), Maryland Eastern Shore (TWICE!), Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Charleston, UMass Lowell, and Fairleigh Dickinson last year, but much like Donald Trump I promised myself I wouldn't mention that.

To clear things up around these parts I've mad this flowchart to determine where your team falls:

MMM Flow

There you have it! SB Nation has dedicated, school or conference specific sites for basically everyone in the above conferences. Thus there is a coverage gap for the other 250+ schools, which makes Mid-Major Madness great (along with our friends at Hustle Belt). We get that you don't like the term "mid-major" and your school may have passed over some magical threshold to become a "major" school (Rhode Island must have passed it when they made it just as far as South Dakota State in the NIT last year), but let it go man! We're here to cover your school, it's an inclusive group.

So next time you see one of our articles or tweets and you get made because you think "MY SCHOOL ISN'T A MID-MAJOR", save the vitriolic tweet and maybe just think "hey it's great that these guys that get paid an occasional six pack of beer and love college basketball are taking the time to write about my favorite team".

It's 11 AM on August 20, let's just put this to rest for the season. Just imagine in your heads that we're named Non-Power 5 + AAC + Mt. West +Big East Madness