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Double Bonus: The 2016 Selection Show, a night that would live in infamy

The NCAA Selection Committee and CBS did their jobs tonight, but not very well.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

CBS decided to switch it up a bit Sunday night with a new expanded, gut-wrenching two-hour selection show featuring some of our nation's most annoying college hoops pundits. Thankfully, someone leaked the bracket to save us all from ninety more minutes of Doug Gottlieb and Seth Davis, but that's when the real gut wrenching began.

Before I get to the bracket itself, let's talk about CBS. Can we try to mix it up a little, guys? You had my favorite hour of television annually, but instead, you got too cute and thought the world needed more of Charles Barkley fumbling with a touch screen.  Eventually, you got burned, and your bracket was leaked.  Let's get with the times guys and maybe show some fan reactions or social media integration.

Now...on to the bracket. Things were a little wacky when you saw Austin Peay pop up as not going to the First Four but then things went wild when the bracket was leaked.  Where was Monmouth, St. Bonaventure, St. Mary's, Valparaiso, and others? I feel robbed of March, and the 2016 NCAA Selection Committee stole it from me.  Instead, I get some uninteresting Power 5 teams that don't deserve to be dancing but may bring in a few more fans because of their names.

I'll leave it to others to break down why each team was snubbed, but essentially we have been robbed of some great storylines and some talented teams. But hey, what did we expect from a committee that featuring two ACC athletic directors and three other Power 5 titans?

While I get the incendiary hyperbolic nature of this post and that I'll fall in love with March once again about 48 hours for now, I still feel robbed of what could have been a really special March.

One final word... Syracuse?