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State of the SoCon- No Thursday Games, No Problem

A look at the state of the SoCon for this week, even though there are no Thursday games.

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We have only had two days of SoCon action, featuring nine conference games. That means that we have a long way to go in conference play. Normal conference action will be on Thursday and Saturday, so each week, I will be putting out Power Rankings and answering a question before that weekly action.

Just because there are no games this Thursday is no reason to go off the schedule! It's time to figure out where all the teams stand.


  1. Chattanooga (2-0)- The Mocs took down Mercer at home on Tuesday and firmly established themselves as the league favorites.

  2. Mercer (1-1)- The Bears destroyed Samford and lost to Chattanooga. Just because they have a loss is no reason to drop them at this point.

  3. ETSU (1-0)- The Bucs cruised by Western Carolina easily and did not play a second one. They host UNCG and VMI in the coming week, meaning they really should be 3-0 when we meet again to rank next week.

  4. Wofford (2-0)- The Terriers are unbeaten, but have not been dominant so far. Still, 2-0 is 2-0. This weekend they face Samford and Chattanooga at home. Huge week for the two time reigning champs.

  5. Samford (1-1)- A blowout loss to Mercer. A blowout win over The Citadel. What am I supposed to make of the Bulldogs?

  6. UNCG (1-1)- I don't like putting them here because they don't deserve it, but they beat Furman (no matter how close it was), so I feel obligated to rank them ahead of the Paladins.

  7. Furman (1-1)- The blowout of VMI was impressive. The loss at UNCG wasn't as much so. This team belongs at least one spot higher- but just can't do it since they lost to UNCG.

  8. Western Carolina (0-1)- It was a really disappointing performance against ETSU. This team has to shoot well to win. Shoot 3 of 28 from three, and they will be crushed.

  9. The Citadel (0-2)- Honestly, it was a very impressive home loss to Chattanooga, which they led late. It was a terrible game at Samford on Tuesday. The Bulldogs still aren't rising that much.

  10. VMI (0-2)- The Keydets were completely dominated by Furman and then lost a close one to Wofford. VMI is not a terrible team, and QJ Peterson will keep them in some games, but this week at ETSU and Western Carolina is pretty important. Really need one of those.

Which single game performance was the most impressive so far?

It's tempting to say Furman for demolishing VMI, but the Keydets aren't particularly good. Or what about what Samford did to The Citadel on Tuesday? Except the Bulldogs aren't very good either. Or maybe how Chattanooga won by double figures against Mercer? Problem is, the Mocs nearly blew a 22 point lead in the process.

No, the single best performance so far likely belongs to the ETSU Bucs. The Bucs beat Western Carolina 82-66 in Cullowhee on Saturday. That is easily the best road win so far in league play. They shot 52.7% from the floor and even made 8 of 15 from three point range. The Catamounts made 32.2% from the floor and 10.7% from three point range. That's some good defense by ETSU and some good offense. The Bucs really can be a contender in the SoCon this year and few games showed it as clearly as that one.

Got a question you want answered in the future? Drop it in the comments section and I may pick yours for next week's question of the week.


I'll give a rating of 1-10 to each game each week, with one being the worst and a ten being the best.


Chattanooga at Furman (6)- Rematch of last year's quarterfinal Paladin upset.

Mercer at The Citadel (4)- The Bulldogs try to prove last Saturday against the Mocs was no fluke.

Samford at Wofford (6)- Samford desperately looking to prove themselves on the road.

UNCG at ETSU (4)- The Spartans upset the Bucs in Johnson City last year.

VMI at Western Carolina (3)- Both teams look for their first SoCon win.


Chattanooga at Wofford (8)- Reigning champs against current favorites.

VMI at ETSU (4)- Can Keydets hang with the Bucs on the road?

UNCG at Western Carolina (4)- Will the Catamounts lose another home game?

Samford at Furman (5)- Two teams looking to prove they can compete in the SoCon race.