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Mountain West: Can you build a team on a budget?

How would you construct a lineup under the budget?

Wyoming v San Diego State Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

So, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed today when I stumbled upon a tweet that caught my eye:

This form of theoretical roster building is one of my favorite things to debate in college basketball. Rather than considering how I would build a roster of national players (OK, I lied, I’d go Hart-Brooks-Bryant-Anunoby-Perrantes), I decided to narrow it down to Mountain West players only.

Here are the rules:

  • Lineup is limited to a $15 budget
  • That’s it. Now let’s do this.

Here are the tiers:

$5: Elijah Brown (New Mexico), Cameron Oliver (Nevada), Trey Kell (SDSU), Gian Clavell (Colorado State), Tim Williams (New Mexico)

$4: Jeremy Hemsley (SDSU), Jalen Moore (Utah State), Marcus Marshall (Nevada), Jason McManamen (Wyoming), Karachi Edo (Fresno State)

$3: DJ Fenner (Nevada), Nick Duncan (Boise State), Hayden Graham (Air Force), Valentine Izundu (SDSU), Jaron Hopkins (Fresno State)

$2: Jalen Poyser (UNLV), Brandon Clarke (San Jose State), Malik Pope (SDSU), William McDowell-White (Fresno State), Jordan Caroline (Nevada)

$1: Dwayne Morgan (UNLV), John Gillon (Colorado State), Zylan Cheatham (SDSU), Trevor Lyons (Air Force), Koby McEwan (Utah State)


I’m aware that not everyone is included. If there is a player you’d like in your lineup, you may place them in the $1 tier.

My lineup: Elijah Brown/Jeremy Hemsley/Nick Duncan/Malik Pope/Koby McEwan

Let’s hear what you think!