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Play Silver Sword 2016!

Play my dumb game

NCAA Basketball: Maui Invitational-Chaminade vs St. John's Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Happy College Basketball Eve!

Are you working today? Nah, you’re talking about college basketball, which, at long last, tips off tomorrow. So while you’re sipping your morning coffee, play Silver Sword 2016!

What is the Silver Sword, you ask?

It’s simple. It’s an annual game I run that challenges you to pick the winners of all the November college basketball tournaments. There’s no buy-in. It’s just for fun and a foam silver sword that I will send you if you win.

Enter here:

I will accept submissions from now until next Thursday morning at 10 a.m. ET.

Here’s how the scoring works:

  • You will receive 2 points for correctly picking a four-team tournament winner and 1 point for picking the second-place team.
  • For most eight-team tournaments, you will receive 4 points for picking the winner and 2 for the second-place team.
  • The Maui Invitational and Battle 4 Atlantis are worth a little more: 6 points for the winner, 3 points for second place.
  • BONUSES! You will notice all eight-team tournaments have one team listed in all caps. This is a team that is projected to be somewhere between the third- and fifth-best team in the field. If you pick them to win AND THEY DO, you will receive double points. There is no bonus if they finish second.

So there you have it. Be sure to share the game with your friends and your followers (#SilverSword2016). The more players, the better!