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VIDEO: Texas Southern upsets La Salle on buzzer beater

Dulani Robinson was the hero for the Tigers.

Screenshot, Benjamin Simon

Texas Southern plays a ton of buy games. A ton. So it’s not a surprise that the Tigers occasionally come away with a win. A couple years ago they beat Michigan State and Kansas State. This year, they have now beaten Rice and La Salle in back-to-back games.

The win over La Salle on Saturday, though, was a thriller. The Explorers led by two in the final seconds when Dulani Robinson ran the ball down the court.

We’ll let Benjamin Simon of Philly Empire (h/t Ben, #ff, all that) take it from here:

For the game, Robinson scored a team-high 17 points and was one of five Texas Southern players in double figures. The Tigers visit James Madison and Louisiana Lafayette before the schedule picks up with road games against Arizona and Louisville.

As for La Salle, the Explorers are now 1-2 as they try and piece together a team that has potential but still a ton of unknown quantities.